Info about the game

The goal of the game is to solve various tasks in the area of computer security (hacking) while emphasizing a realistic experience. These are not for that purpose only created tasks, but scenarios of real attacks within the testing environment of our server. You can experience web hacking, infrastructure, reverse engineering, cracking, or cryptoanalysis tasks.

Registration is required to participate in the game because of the verification of the email address. After registration, the player gains access to his/her profile, where he/she can start performing individual tasks. There are 15 tasks in total which are not listed according to difficulty, and you can solve them in any order. Player results are displayed in the section of the same name.

If a player encounters a problem, error, or has any suggestion, he can contact us via email. However, we will strictly ignore any questions regarding the solving process of the tasks. It is not allowed to attack the server outside the specified tasks or to solve the assignments with brute-force attack unless specified in the mission.



The participant of the game, who first reaches the full 15 points, or on November 30th, 2019 at the end of the day will have the most points of all, wins the brand-new iPhone Xr 128 GB Black. The winner will be contacted via the e-mail provided at registration. The prize will be sent worldwide by post or handed over in person. In justified cases, the contest operator reserves the right to exclude players from the ranking if there is a suspicion of misconduct.

Main Prize